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Then, I have worked in the fitness industry for 10 years and tried it all. I also trained and worked as a professional MMA fighter. I found Herbalife when I was training for a title fight in the UK. I needed to cut weight but was struggling. I was also suffering with a old shoulder and knee injury.

Now, I dropped the weight within the time frame required, but what impressed me more was the inflammation from my old injuries had disappeared, I didn’t need the cortisone injections that I normally required pre fight. I continued to use the products and reached my personal best, my body fat percentage is at the lowest it has ever been, my muscle weight has increased and water weight is at its best. I have more energy and find recovery after training easier. Herbalife is a lifestyle change that has become a permanent part of my diet.

Emalene Grove

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Then, I was over weight, lethargic, constantly tired and unmotivated. I suffered with an illness that effected my stomach, sleeping pattern and caused terrible joint pain. I didn’t want to exercise and my self esteem was low.

Now, through using  Herbalife I dropped 2 dress sizes, found a new lease of life that has improved my overall wellbeing, my energy levels are through the roof and I feel amazing. Herbalife is now my way of life!



Before Herbalife I was tired, my energy was at 2. I had chronic migraines since age 13, I had IBS, back pain, and splotchy skin. By the end of my first week my energy was at 4, and migraines were instantly gone! I lost 35lbs my first year!

I has a baby and a very healthy pregnancy while on the products, now I have lost an additional 18lbs and my IBS is completely gone. My energy is finally at a 9-10 every single day!



My name is Ange King and I have a background in the Hospitality Industry. I have always been a yoyo dieter and battled to lose that last bit of extra weight. I have also suffered all my life with constipation, fatigue and very low energy levels. I really struggled to keep up with the demanding working hours that the hotel industry is synonymous with. At the beginning of December 2009, I got onto the Herbalife products and was absolutely delighted at my immediate results. After 7 weeks, I managed to drop two pants sizes. My energy level were through the roof and my spastic colon was a thing of the past. I have now lost 15kg. Thanks to Herbalife, I wake up every morning feeling fabulous and look forward to the day ahead!

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