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Does this sound familiar?

  • Constant Yo-Yo dieting
  • Constantly struggling to lose weight, yet never reaching your goal?
  • Do you regain all the weight you lose and don’t know why?
  • Are you plagued with fatigue, stress, or other aches and pains that prevent you from wanting to work out?
  • Do you want to increase your strength, become bigger, faster and a more explosive athlete but you aren’t sure how to do it?
  • Do you work shifts and always reach for the ‘easy’ option in takeaways or processed microwave dinners? (Drs/ Nurses/ Emergency services)
  • Do you work at a job where taking time off to eat or train means losing money?
    (brokers/ bankers)

Being healthy and losing weight is often easier said than done. With so much conflicting nutritional information out there it can be confusing to know what is really good for you.

This is why we have kept things simple!

Herbalife is a scientifically proven plan which is full of essential nutrients so you can rest assured you are making a healthy choice.

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Don't take my word for it...



My name is Ange King and I have a background in the Hospitality Industry. I have always been a yoyo dieter and battled to lose that last bit of extra weight. I have also suffered all my life with constipation, fatigue and very low energy levels. I really struggled to keep up with the demanding working hours that the hotel industry is synonymous with. At the beginning of December 2009, I got onto the Herbalife products and was absolutely delighted at my immediate results. After 7 weeks, I managed to drop two pants sizes. My energy level were through the roof and my spastic colon was a thing of the past. I have now lost 15kg. Thanks to Herbalife, I wake up every morning feeling fabulous and look forward to the day ahead!

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